April 6, 2007


Welcome to the American Polo Horse Association. The sport of polo is a unique place where horses can be credited with 75% of a player’s ability to perform on the field. The APHA was created to give these amazing equine athletes a place to be recognized for their contribution to the sport of polo in the United States. Players, owners, breeders and trainers now have a place to document their horses’ information as well as be recognized for any future Best Playing Pony achievements. The registry is open to any breed of horse from any country of origin that is being used for polo in the United States.


I believe, that if you provide equal access you will have true competition in the pursuit of the next great polo horse.  There is always going to be that ‘next best horse’ that comes along during any given season and sometimes he/she is from the middle of nowhere, was purchased from ‘Mr. No-body’ and has direct lineage verification to ‘nobody special’. The APHA has already registered some of polo’s biggest polo pny stars as well as stallions, mares, geldings and prospects in the training process from around the USA. Players can now view their entire string online at www.americanpolohorse.com as well as check on what their opponent is riding for comparison. Not only do our equine partners now have a place to be recognized for their contributions, they will now hold their spot in the history of polo in the United States.


The purpose of the Polo Prospects & Breeders Select Sale is to provide sellers a place to market a good prospect or embryo and potential buyers a place to buy a good one. It is with great honor that I bring you access to this amazing collection of some of the absolute best horses playing in the United States today in our First Annual Polo Prospects and Breeders Select Sale. There is also a good selection of Polo Prospects from proven mares, some of which are currently playing in the US Open, as well as an outstanding polo-playing ‘Stallion Prospect’. Potential buyers will have a chance to buy into bloodlines from proven polo mares that have won Best Playing Pony honors in the US Open among others, some of which have never been on the market. With the success of breeding proven polo mares with proven stallions in Argentina and the explosion of the embryo market there, it is only natural that there be a place in the United States to give access to the best America has to offer to the people interested in improving their string or breeding program.


Sunny Hale
President, APHA
Founded 2006